The Vigneri Chocolate Story

Over 60 years ago, in Sicily, Italy, Gaetano Vigneri began what today is known as Vigneri Chocolates. This chocolate company started in a small bakery in Realmonte, Sicily, the family called the bakery, Pasticeria Vigneri, which translates to Vigneri Pastries.

Through the years, Gaetano passed down the recipes and traditions of Vigneri Chocolate to his son, Filippo. Filippo furthered his training with apprenticeships throughout Italy. He had the opportunity to study and learn from the best Italian pastry chefs of the time. This training allowed Filippo to transform his small family business into a bakery that served the entire region.

Filippo took his family to America in 1967 and with him he brought his family recipes and the skills he had acquired over the years. Filippo settled in Rochester, New York, where he started a bakery, similar to that of his father’s bakery back in Italy. Through word of mouth his business began to grow and the bakery became a staple of the Rochester community.

With still the desire to do more, Filippo began his work in the chocolate industry. His chocolate followed the success of his confections and was an overwhelming success. While the people of Rochester frequented the bakery for various goods, none were as popular as the chocolate egg that is sold at Easter. The demand for chocolate produced at the bakery was growing and production was moved to a separate facility.

Gaetano passed down the traditions and recipes of Vigneri Chocolate to his sons, Guy and Alex. Today, his youngest son, Alex, serves as the company’s CEO. Alex has grown Vigneri Chocolate into a company that offers new and innovative products along side of the traditional Vigneri confections.