The Vigneri Chocolate Difference

Made in the USA, Vigneri Chocolate offers one of few all natural chocolate experiences. We are a family company that has built on a tradition started back in Sicily, Italy over 75 years ago by Gaetano Vigneri, and today 3 generations later, we still are committed to producing all natural chocolate. We only use the best cocoa and cocoa butter to create the chocolate that so many have come to love and that we are proud to put our family name on.

Vigneri Chocolate separates itself from other chocolate companies because we are an all-natural chocolate company, and use only the finest all-natural ingredients in their purest forms to provide you a healthy and delicious chocolate experience.

Sustainable Cocoa

With a commitment to reducing the impact on the rainforest, cocoa farmers have integrated the use of ecological, economic and small farming ideologies in their harvesting practices.

The cocoa tree grows in the shade and therefore it is able to grow and flourish in the natural habitat of the rainforest. Preserving our rainforests is critical to cocoa industry. By working together to preserve the natural habitat with the use of best practices for small farming, each farmer is able to maintain or increase their cocoa production through the use of effective and efficient methods, which have a minimal impact the natural environment of the rainforest.

VIGNERI Pure Chocolate

With a tradition that goes back three generations, Vigneri Chocolate has always been and will continue to be committed to using pure authentic chocolate in all of its products. Pure authentic chocolate according to US Standards require that for a product to be identified as chocolate that the fat sources can only be cocoa butter and milk fat.

This is a standard that Vigneri adheres to and stands by. While other companies may push for the use of cheaper ingredients, specifically, vegetable oil, we at Vigneri Chocolate believe the quality and taste would be compromised with the new ingredient. At Vigneri Chocolate we are not willing to risk the quality of our chocolate in order to impact our bottom line. Vigneri Chocolate is a natural chocolate company and we use and will continue to use only the finest ingredients in our chocolate in order to bring you the products that our customers have grown to love.

Commitment to Pure Authentic Chocolate

Gaetano Vigneri, the original creator of Vigneri Chocolate started a tradition more than 75 years ago which has been upheld through 3 generations. The Vigneri Family continues to use the same ingredients that Grandpa Vigneri used in Sicily when creating the original recipe for our chocolate. Vigneri chocolate is all-natural, with no artificial coloring or flavoring. Our commitment to you, our customer, is to provide you with the best all-natural chocolate experience through a variety of products satisfying the chocolate lover in all of you. Whether you chose the trademark Vigneri Easter Egg or a chocolate snack mix from our By Nature By Hand Chocolate collection, you can be sure that the chocolate you are eating is made from only high quality, all-natural ingredients. We do not substitute with vegetable oil or any other fat replacement; we use only cocoa butter and milk fat to create the smooth and silky chocolate that is synonymous with Vigneri Chocolate.